We are made of Stardust _ Everyone.


“Angel Ruiz Ruiz” is a versatile artist looking for the new ways to expand his creativity with no limits.



With a long career in the Fashion Industry & Creativity, he has a vivid & insatiable interest in everything to do with ART in all it different versions.

His work ranges from Art Direction, Fashion Photography, Graphic Design, Music composing for his films… always in a Fashion way.

He creates a balance between his artistic vision & adaptability to create thoughfully executed solutions tailored to each client.


The Ruiz Ruiz’s motto is — Looking for the Extraordinary.





How does Ruiz Ruiz work?

On a new Project he works with different professionals to build the IDEA — Makeup Artists, Stylists, Model Agencies, Photo Studios, Lighting Equipment Companies…

Angel is based in Málaga(Spain), but we are open to work with global clients.

With special interest in deep Creativity, new artistic thinking methods and collaboration.

Work with Ruiz Ruiz for a new approach to building your brand image and new experiences. It is not that we believe in the gods of the clouds but that we do not live a life without dreams, surreal worlds or that there is life on other planets we are a little crazy as you can clearly see. 


Let´s create your next amazing project together.

Looking for the Extraordinary.

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